Quippy:AI-Powered Chinese Language Learning Platform for K12 Students

Designed for K-12 students globally, our platform simplifies Chinese learning, making it enjoyable through AI technology.

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The Fastest way to learn Chinese

Mastering Chinese language demands motivation, and for students, this translates to enjoyable and fun practice. Quippy excels in providing precisely that, particularly helping students to speak with confidence and recieve instant corrections.

For teachers, Quippy serves as a valuable tool for assessments, offering insights into students performance and understanding. It goes beyond the classroom, seamlessely blending learning between school and home into a continuos, boundary-free experience.

Comprehensive Digital Resources for Chinese Teachers

We offer impactful, cost-effective, and voice-powered Pre-K to K-12 HSK aligned supplementary learning resources, allowing teachers to focus on teaching while harnessing the benefits of the latest technology.

AI Speaking Recognition

Grammar Correction and Pronunciation Feedback

Teacher Dashboard

Track Progress, Assign Homework, Create Content, Lesson Plans


Engaging Learners Paths with interactive Challenges and Rewards

Large Library Of Activities

Learn in Classroom and at home

Dive into Quippy – Where Language Sparks Ignite

Embark on a linguistic adventure with Quippy, where words transform into sparks of inspiration. Discover a realm where language takes center stage, bringing joy, humor, and profound insights. Quippy is your hub for instant linguistic delight – explore a curated collection of expressions, tailor your linguistic experience, and effortlessly share the linguistic spark with your community. Join Quippy, where every interaction sets off a cascade of linguistic discovery.

A research-based learning program with measurable outcomes

our comprehensive apps and tools offer teachers a diverse range of research-backed resources. These tools are designed to equip educators with everything students need to initiate and enhance their speaking skills.

Teacher Dashboard with Comprehensive Digital Resources

  • Monitor OverAll Performance and Speaking proficiency at countrywide, district, or school levels
  • Generate Summaries to identify Students who may be falling behind
  • Analyze weak points, including specific words and sounds, through audio recordings
  • Assign homework and tailor activities to meet individual student needs
  • Customize assessments to address specific linguistic challenges and promote targeted improvement

Available on all Platforms

Quippy apps are available for download on all major digital devices and platforms. You can use Socrative on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers.


What Did Teachers and Students Say About Us?

As the founder of an international school, as well as its former principal, I spent many years searching for high quality learning apps for my students. The best apps are easy to use and implement, as well as offer a wide range of versatility. Most importantly, the best apps are fun and make sure the students learn. Galaxy Kids is among the very best learning apps that I have seen and used, and easily qualifies as the best overall language learning app that I have come across. It is intuitive in its setup, approach, and usage for both students and teachers. You can immediately start using it and learn while having fun. It has a broad range of functions with each one designed to make sure students can maximize their learning. If you are looking for the best high quality language learning app, Galaxy Kids is your answer.”

Peter C. Meltzer

Founder & Former HOS, Surat Thani International School

Why you should use Quippy in the classroom